1 minute readRafael in Bangalore

Rafael, the Israeli defense company that made waves at the last installment of Aero India in 2009, will be back in Bangalore next week.

It’s exhibits will include:

Iron Dome: Defense System against Short-Range Artillery Rockets

Spyder SR/MR: Short and Medium Range Air Defense Systems

Python 5: Full-Sphere Range IR Air-To-Air missile

Derby: Beyond Visual Range Air-To-Air Missile

Stunner (David’s Sling): Terminal Missile Defense Interceptor

Spice 1000/2000: Autonomous Precision Guidance Kits

Spike Family: Tactical Precision Missiles for Helicopters, LCV and Naval Platforms

Spike MR: Precision Missile System for the Infantry

Spike LR: Extended Range Tactical Missile for Helicopters, LCV and Naval Vessels

Spike NLOS: Multi-Purpose, Multi-Platform EO missile

Litening: Airborne Targeting and Navigation Pod

Reccelite: Real-Time Tactical Reconnaissance Pod

ImiLite: Multi-Source, Multi-Task Imagery Exploitation System

Global Link: Real Time Data Processing and Distribution System

RAVNET-300: Communication Digital Network Solution for Existing Radios

Rafael’s Lite Shield Electronic Attack Pod for Close Protection and Escort Jamming will be on display at Saab’s stall.

So what do you think?