2 minute readObama on foreign policy

Cover of the Atlantic Monthly

Cover of the Atlantic Monthly

The Atlantic Monthly has carried a definitive profile of U.S. President Barack Obama, titled, The Obama Doctrine. Reported by Jeffrey Goldberg, the piece is an exhaustive narrative at 19 pages and would also be of interest to readers in India who are curious about Obama’s views on foreign policy.

Here are some bits from the piece:

Within the White House, Obama would argue that “dropping bombs on someone to prove that you’re willing to drop bombs on someone is just about the worst reason to use force.”

“Free riders aggravate me,” he told me. Recently, Obama warned that Great Britain would no longer be able to claim a “special relationship” with the United States if it did not commit to spending at least 2 percent of its GDP on defense. “You have to pay your fair share,” Obama told David Cameron, who subsequently met the 2 percent threshold.

He questioned why the U.S. should avoid sending its forces into Pakistan to kill al-Qaeda leaders, and he privately questions why Pakistan, which he believes is a disastrously dysfunctional country, should be considered an ally of the U.S. at all.

He then made an observation that I came to realize was representative of his bleakest, most visceral understanding of the Middle East today—not the sort of understanding that a White House still oriented around themes of hope and change might choose to advertise. “If we’re not talking to them,” he said, referring to young Asians and Africans and Latin Americans, “because the only thing we’re doing is figuring out how to destroy or cordon off or control the malicious, nihilistic, violent parts of humanity, then we’re missing the boat.”

For those interested, the complete piece is well worth the time. Read it here.

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