1 minute readNaval OPV launched

The Offshore Patrol Vessel, Sumitra, before launch.

The Indian Navy’s Offshore Patrol Vessel (NOPV), Sumitra, the fourth in its class, was launched at Goa Shipyard on Monday.

Sumitra, once commissioned, will be deployed for monitoring sea lines of communication, defense of offshore oil installations and other important offshore national assets, according to a statement issued by the navy. Manned by 16 officers and 102 sailors, the vessel will displace 2195 tons and will be able to show off a speed of 25 knots (around 45 kilometers per hour) and an endurance of 6000 nautical miles (over 10,000 kilometers) while steaming at 16 knots (about 30 kilometers per hour).

The statement says, “The Sumitra is powered by twin diesel engines, each driving a controllable pitch propeller through a reduction gearbox,” and adds that it is armed with a ’76 mm SRGM and two 30 mm guns with associated fire control system’ in addition to four chaff launchers, besides state of the art navigation, communication and electronic warfare equipment and also supports helicopter operations. The navy says the cost of the project for all four Naval OPVs is INR 24.52 billion or US $ 546 million.

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  1. Armando700
    December 8, 2010 at 7:27 am

    This class is odd ..seems like a big ship but no firepower

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