1 minute readLahore shooting: 3 more Americans barred from leaving Pakistan

Three US nationals, in addition to US official Raymond Davis who fatally shot two Pakistanis in Lahore, have been prohibited from going abroad, said an official.

The government barred the three from going out of the country upon allegations that they were in the vehicle that crushed a man to death in Lahore after Davis was involved in the shooting, the Express Tribune reported Monday.

Davis was arrested after he shot dead two people riding on a motorbike at a busy intersection in Lahore January 27. He called up the US consulate after the shooting and a team rushed to help him. The team’s vehicle collided with a motorcyclist, killing him.

The Punjab government has asked for the federal government’s assistance in securing the custody of the three US citizens accused of running over the motorcyclist.

“The Interior Ministry has placed the name of the three Americans, including the driver of the US Consulate in Lahore, on the Exit Control List (ECL),” an Interior Ministry official was quoted as saying. The ECL lists those prohibited from leaving Pakistan.

The official said that the Federal Interior Ministry, through the Foreign Office, has written to the US consulate demanding that the three Americans to be handed over to the Punjab Police.

Senator Pervez Rashid, special assistant to tne Punjab Chief Minister, said, “We have sought access to get custody of these accused because they are wanted by the Punjab Police in connection to the Raymond Davis case.”

A US embassy official said, “We have not received any such information on the issue as yet.”

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