2 minute readIsrael tests Arrow weapon system successfully

Arrow Weapon System - Image courtesy Israel Aerospace Industries

Arrow Weapon System - Image courtesy Israel Aerospace Industries

The Israeli Ministry of Defense has reported the successful test of the Arrow Weapon System. The Ministry has issued the following release:

The Arrow Weapon System has managed to complete this morning (April 7, 2009) another successful test. This is the 17th experiment of Arrow intercept and the 11th examined, as they were developed as part of the improvement program, ASIP, the collaboration between Israel and United States.

The target missile visualized the future threat in several extremely challenging characteristics.

The target trajectory visualized an operational scenario and all of the weapon’s system assembles performed in their operational form.

After the launch of the target the weapon system has entered the “play” mode and started its operation. The fire control radar (FCR) acquired the target and sent its data to the battle management command and control (BMC). A defense plan was issued and a mission command was sent to the launcher. The interceptor was launched towards its target with its improved functions.

The interceptor has performed successfully and eliminated the target.

Representatives from the Israeli missile defense organization (IMOD) cooperating with the US missile defense agency (MDA) both took part in the Arrow program.

The success of this project is not only an enormous accomplishment but an important milestone in developing and improving the operational abilities and gives response to the ballistic missiles threat that is only increasing in the region.

The Minister of Defense, Mr. Ehud Barak witnessed the launching from an IDF helicopter when he was on his way back from a reconnaissance on the Gaza division.

The minister of defense got updated with the launching results. The minister mentioned: “the future protecting system is an important project for Israel. The combination of the “Iron Dome”, which also had a successful launching last week, with the “Arrow” system and the “Improved Arrow” will give Israel a well and an immediate protection from the strategic threats. The defense system is working intensively to provide a multi- layered defense system from missiles and rockets to insure the safety of Israel citizens.

The CEO of the Ministry of Defense, Mr. Pinchas Bochris, mentioned that the success of the launching is an important step in the process of developing a protection system from futuristic threats.

The CEO praised the people of the defense industries, the people of the Ministry of defense and the IDF for their cooperation, the creativity and the development abilities that brought the launching to success.

IAI President and CEO, Mr. Itzhak Nissan said at the occasion: “this is a substantial success and a challenging test facing the future threats we might face in our region. This is Israel Aerospace Industries, MLM Division, as the prime contractor, and additional IAI divisions that are taking part in the ARROW Project to the security of Israel”.

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