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The high resolution images of the lift-off were provided by the Boeing Company, which facilitated your correspondent’s visit to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to witness the Atlantis launch.

The Vehicle Assembly building at NASA, where the shuttle is put together.

Note the large doors in gray at the side, from where the shuttle is rolled out. The building is some 500 feet high and is hollow all the way through.

The countdown clock, stopped at T minus three hours.

Media vans at the Press Site at Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The NASA News Center at the Press Site at Kennedy Space Center.

A television set at the news center running a live feed of the launch pad.

A television set running live feeds from multiple cameras, focusing on the launch pad, shuttle and the astronauts prepping up.

A view of the press desks at the news center.

Flags of various countries associated with NASA, hanging from the ceiling of the news center.

A model of the International Space Station (ISS).

The Atlantis shuttle as it would dock at the ISS.

A model of the space shuttle Atlantis in launch configuration.

The Atlantis, ready to go.

A computer screen showing the weather patterns over Cape Canaveral.

A view of the route in front of the Press Site which the astronaut's bus took to get to the launch pad.

A helicopter hovering over the route of the astronaut's bus.

The bus approaching the Press Site.

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