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StratPost recently got a chance to visit the INS Cankarso, a Car Nicobar-class Water Jet Fast Attack Craft. Built by Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers [GRSE], the vessel was commissioned in June last year.

The Cankarso was deployed to Operation Island Watch and captured 15 pirates while rescuing 20 crew from the Thai fishing trawler Prantalay 14, which was being used as a mother ship by the pirates. In the firefight, the trawler was sunk.

The INS Cankarso, alongside the INS Bitra.

A view of the forecastle.

The foc'sle. That Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) 30 mm CRN-91 automatic gun is controlled by a Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) electronic day-night fire control system, with a joystick and display that would make any First Person Shooter gaming fan drool.

The view from the bridge.

A nameplate on the deck. So pirates know exactly where they are, and how much trouble they're in.

Here's why. The captain of the Cankarso, Commander Arun Bahuguna. He's the man who busted 15 pirates. They didn't know they were tangling with a Marine Commando who has also topped the US Navy SEAL course. In fact, when he was asked which of the two course he found tougher, he replied, 'If I had to repeat the courses and I had a choice, I would repeat the SEAL course'.

The captain with his crew. The Cankarso is crewed by four officers and 42 ratings.

Two of the three HamiltonJet HM811 Water Jets of the INS Cankarso. The Cankarso is a Water Jet Fast Attack Craft (FAC). The propellers are actually fitted inside pipes through which water is pushed out at high speed. This also makes the Water Jet FAC much quieter.

Meet Master Chief Petty Officer Bederedla C Rao.

Rao's the man who looks after the three MTU 16V 4000 M90 engines and keeps those Water Jets running.

The Commissioning Order of the INS Cankarso.

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