2 minute readIAI to show-off Chinook-like UAV

After presenting the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Panther, seemingly inspired by the tilt-rotor concept of the V-22 Osprey built by Boeing-Textron, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is to debut a UAV that looks like the US rotary heavy-lift workhorse, the Chinook.

A release issued by IAI says, “Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will present the GHOST, an innovative, small hovering unmanned platform at AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems North America , August 16-19, in Washington, DC.”


The images of the new UAV immediately bring to mind the instantly recognizable Boeing-built Chinook heavy lift helicopter.

But the GHOST is considerably lighter at ‘approximately 4 kg (9 lbs)’. IAI says the reasons for this particular design are the characteristics and roles it brings to the drawing board. “The system was designed with twin rotary electrical engines so it can be silent and support day and night special operation missions.” There are other differences as well. “GHOST is equipped with an automatic vertical takeoff & landing system and can loiter for up to 30 minutes.”

And unlike the Chinook, the GHOST has a ‘unique man-machine interface and operational concept is based on the principles of computer games and makes the system extremely intuitive to operate and requires little training’, says the Israeli defense company.

Also, unlike most toys and games, the system, which ‘can be carried in backpacks by two soldiers’, comes with batteries included, besides two platforms and a command and control unit with communications.


IAI says the system provides real-time intelligence to ground forces operating in urban areas and is ‘suitable for paramilitary and homeland security applications due to its simplicity and ease of operation’.

The release quotes Itzhak Nissan, IAI’s President & CEO giving a shout-out to y’all in and around DC, saying, “GHOST will be on display at Booth 713 – Stark Aerospace, a subsidiary of IAI North America.”

So what do you think?