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Army chief to visit US next week

General Deepak Kapoor will visit the US on Monday. The current agenda in increasing Indo-US military cooperation includes the Logistics Support Agreement (LSA), the End User Monitoring Agreement (EUMA) and the Communications Interoperability and Security Agreement (CISA). Interestingly, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be India at the same time.

US, Russia worry about new government

The Ministry of Defense, closely watching the ongoing electoral exercise, has noticed the apprehensions of various countries regarding the eventual new government and their defense trade and strategic relationship with India.


Five months past the attacks on Mumbai, the promise of tangible Indo-Pak cooperation has become more urgent but remains just as distant. India has been unable to persuade Pakistan on several counts. It would like its neighbor to take an unequivocal and committed stand and refrain from dragging its feet going after the perpetrators of 26/11.