1 minute readRussia to veto UN resolutions aimed at ‘toppling regimes’

Moscow: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned Friday that Russia would veto future UN Security Council sanctions to topple political regimes by Western powers.

“Russia will continue standing against attempts to legitimize through the UN Security Council unilateral sanctions aimed at toppling various regimes,” the Interfax news agency quoted Medvedev as saying, reported Xinhua.

“The UN was not created for that,” Medvedev said.

“We should recognize clearly that the goal of the UN and especially the UN Security Council, which bears special responsibility for the fate of world peace, is not to give a pretext for drawing up documents allowing the attainment of certain ends in a military way.”

Meanwhile, the president also stressed that Russia will “unswervingly abide by the UN Charter”.

Russia on Tuesday vetoed a UN Security Council draft resolution on Syria, saying the draft was based on “a philosophy of confrontation” and ran counter to a peaceful settlement of the crisis.

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