2 minute readPakistan has been an unreliable ally of US: Biden

By Arun Kumar

Washington: Pakistan has been an unreliable ally of the US in the war against terror and failed “on occasion” when forced to choose between Washington and the Al Qaeda, says US Vice President Joe Biden.

The price of Pakistan’s choices has been the “loss of life of American soldiers in Afghanistan”, Biden told CNN in an interview on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. The full interview was aired Monday night.

Islamabad has “been very helpful in other times”, he added. “But it’s not sufficient. They have to get better. We need a relationship that is born out of mutual interest. And it’s in their interest that they be more cooperative with us.”

“We are demanding it,” Biden said.

Despite troubles in Pakistan and elsewhere, the US is “getting close” to bringing about an end to organized, legitimized terrorist activities, he said.

“We have done great damage to … Al Qaeda,” Biden said. “Satellite organizations” have emerged in Somalia and elsewhere, he said, but “they are less coordinated” and “less capable”.

“And we’re relentless in pursuing them,” he added. As a result, Americans are safer today than they were a decade ago, Biden asserted.

Regardless he cautioned that “there is always a possibility of a lone wolf” attack within the US or elsewhere.

“There’s always a possibility of an incident occurring, but I do not believe there’s anyone right now capable of putting together the kind of extremely complicated planned operation that took place on 9/11,” he said.

Biden said he believes that in 25 years, Americans will “read about this period of terror as … a part of a chapter in the history of this country”.

US embassy in Kabul attacked as Pak stations army on border

IANS in Kabul reported a raging gun battle near the US embassy Tuesday afternoon. “The incident happened in Char Rahi Abdul Haq area which is close to the US embassy and NATO-led ISAF headquarters,” the official told Xinhua requesting anonymity.

This took place as Pakistan replaced its paramilitary and border police troops guarding the Pakistan-Afghan border with regular army personnel.

The army was deployed in Chitral, Lower Dir and Upper Dir districts following a series of attacks recently launched by militants from the Afghan territory, Major General Athar Abbas, Director General of Inter Services Public Relations, was quoted as saying by Xinhua.

A witness in Chitral told Xinhua on phone that nearly 70 buses and trucks full of troops have arrived in the area.

On August 27, around 300 militants attacked seven check-posts in Chitral and killed at least 25 security personnel.

The Taliban also kidnapped about 30 Pakistani boys from Bajaur tribal region while they were celebrating Eid.

The army said the attacks were carried out by Pakistani Taliban who have established bases in Afghanistan’s eastern Kunar and Nuristan provinces.

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