1 minute readIsrael issues highest level warning of terror strikes in India

The Israeli government has issued a highly significant advisory warning of high-profile terror strikes in India.

The advisory recommends that Israelis refrain from visiting places known to be frequented by westerners and Israelis and places without visible armed security, and also urges Israelis to avoid visiting the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The warning has been issued by the Israeli Counter Terrorism Bureau (CTB), which is part of the National Security Council.

The CTB has four levels of threat perception. The lowest signifies a Continuous Potential Threat or Opportunity for a terror strike. The next highest is the Basic Concrete Threat under which the CTB recommends that Israeli citizens refrain from visiting the country or region in question. The second highest is the High Concrete Threat under which the CTB recommends for Israeli citizens to avoid visiting the designated region or country and leave as soon as possible if already present.

The Very High Concrete Threat, issued in this instance, is above all of the above and is issued by the CTB to urge all Israeli citizens to leave the host country ‘immediately’.

According to sources, the threat perception was arrived at by the CTB after communication was intercepted that indicated an imminent terror strike. But since the Israelis have not been able to identify the specific group planning the strike or the possible targets in question, the information has been revealed and the threat perception disclosed to try preempt any such strike.

Interestingly, the announcement of the threat perception also comes on Friday, when the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah begins at sunset and continues till Sunday night.

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