1 minute readIndia warns Somali pirates not to harm captives

Describing piracy as ‘an international menace’, External Affairs Minister Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna Tuesday warned Somalian hijackers of a ship with Indians on board not to harm those in their captivity.

Asked about the fate of the Indians on the ship hijacked last month, Krishna said the external affairs ministry ‘will certainly get in touch with our Navy and try to find a solution’. Krishna said the government was in touch with other countries that are also affected by the piracy menace and India will try to counter it with support from other countries.

“They are an international menace and I hope they will not resort to any such drastic measures because that is going to be very harmful,” Krishna told reporters outside the parliament. “Let us hope they will see the path of reason and sanity and not harm those they have taken in captivity,” he said.

Twenty-two crew members, including nine Indians, were on board the M.V. Sinan vessel owned by Irano Hind Shipping Company Ltd, Tehran, when it was hijacked by African pirates Feb 12.

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