1 minute readIndia going the diplomatic distance with Kasab’s letter

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has handed over a letter written by Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab to the Pakistan High Commission, making sure to follow though on every demand for evidence raised by Pakistan. Kasab confirms the Pakistani nationality of the 26/11 attackers and has asked for legal assistance from the Pakistan High Commission.
The letter was given to Acting High Commissioner Afrasiab by Joint Secretary (Pakistan) CA Raghavan. The letter also asks The High Commission to take charge of the body of slain terrorist Ismail Khan who was also killed during the 26/11 attack.
The MEA in its statement said, “Kasab has sought a meeting with the Pakistan High Commission.” But sources in the government point out that India is now in a full diplomatic offensive. “They keep asking for evidence. We’re giving them evidence. He has asked to meet the people his country’s High Commission. Let them meet him. We are giving them full opportunity to examine all the evidence,” said one source.
There are also indications that the Indian government wants to completely play out all its diplomatic options so that the government can focus on other measures if required. “If Pakistan engages India in seriously pursuing this then India’s diplomacy will be working. Otherwise, there are other options for the government,” said the source.

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