1 minute readGermany indicts LTTE spokesman on terrorism charges

A spokesman for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Germany has been indicted on terrorism charges, federal justice authorities said Monday in Karlsruhe. Agilan W., who now holds German citizenship, was arrested in November and indicted January 24.

Prosecutors said he was the spokesman in Germany for the Tamil Coordination Commitee, a front for the LTTE, from 2004 to the end of 2009, and oversaw its public relations. Three other leaders of an alleged LTTE front were earlier arrested and indicted.

No date was given for the 35-year-old’s trial on charges of membership of a foreign terrorist organisation and breaching German export laws. The second charge relates to his alleged purchase of equipment worth €370,000 (USD 500,000) from group funds to outfit LTTE fighters and sent this gear to Sri Lanka.

The LTTE fought for a secession by north and east Sri Lanka from its inception in 1976 till its defeat in early 2009.

The European Union (EU) declared the LTTE a terrorist group in June 2007. Germany indicted three other activists in the TCC, Vijikanendra V.S., Sasitharan M. and Koneswaran T. in August.

Under German reporting restrictions, only first names are given.

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