1 minute readDo military-themed films require authenticity?

A poster of Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab

This is a poster of a new film coming out – we haven’t seen these actors before, but they certainly seem popular.

Not sure what it’s about, but the poster has a figure in what appears to be an Indian Army uniform.

And as we know, every uniform tells a story.

He wears a maroon beret, so we know he’s a paratrooper. And on it, he has the badge of an officer of the rank of brigadier or above.

He has the collar dogs of a full colonel on his collars, though. On his shoulders, he wears the rank of a full colonel from a cavalry regiment. And below that an arm patch that says Commando and the Black Cat insignia of the National Security Guard (NSG).

On the other side, above his name plate is a missile badge and a set of wings that are certainly not Indian Army jump wings. Could even be the insignia of the Special Services Group of the Pakistan Army, positioned upside down.

The four rows of ribbons add more chapters to this story. They include 20 years service, 9 years service, Sainya Seva Medal, Special Service Medal, Videsh Seva Medal, Siachen Glacier Medal, High Altitude Medal, 50 years of Independence Medal, as well as an Indian Independence Medal. There were a couple of ribbons we couldn’t identify.

Any ideas?

So what do you think?