Month: November 2010

India tests Agni 1

A statement issued by the Ministry of Defense said the launch took place at 1020 hours local time and that ‘the missile followed the trajectory in a copybook style and reached the designated target in the Bay of Bengal’.

Six more Gripens for Thailand

A statement from Saab on Wednesday said the order was worth 2.2 billion Swedish Kronor, around USD 310 million. The Royal Thai Air Force already operates four single-seat ‘C’ variants and two ‘D’ versions of the aircraft, which were acquired in 2008.

USAF F-22 to get auto recovery system

The United States Air Force F-22 Raptor’s planned evolution includes an auto recovery system, called the Auto Ground Collision Avoidance System). This system allows the aircraft to recover to level flight, automatically, if the pilot is momentarily incapacitated.

IAF C-17 price confusion clarified

The amount of USD 4.1 billion ‘more closely represents the case value in its current state and that figure only includes the options India is actually considering’, according to a US Government source.

Meanwhile, in Alaska…

It hasn’t been all work and no play for the Indian paratroopers exercising with the US Army in Alaska. In fact, after last week, they might not be missing home all that much.