Month: August 2010

Anatomy of a blacklist: Singapore Technologies

The CAG submitted a report to Parliament last week, that testifies to the acts of omission and commission, based on incompetence, lack of foresight or mala fide intent, that led to the recommendation for the blacklisting of Singapore Technologies, arising from the issue of the supply of carbines to paramilitary forces.

Navy’s submarine rescue plan leaks: CAG

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India has criticized the implementation of the Indian Navy’s plan for enabling its submarines with facilities to couple with Deep Submergence Rescue Vessels and Submarine Rescue Chambers of the United States Navy , which has resulted in an expenditure of USD 744,343.

CAG pokes finger at inferior steel in navy tankers

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India has criticized the acceptance of inferior-grade steel used in the manufacture of fleet tankers of the Indian Navy by Italian firm, Fincantieri, saying it amounted to ‘undue favor to a foreign vendor in (the) procurement of fleet tankers’.

3 Indian Blue Helmets killed in Congo

Three Indian peacekeepers were killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo after their camp at Kirumba was attacked by what the Indian Army considers to be probably members of a Mayi Mayi armed group at 0150 hours local time on Wednesday.