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Floating armories, pvt armed guards worry navy

“There are close to 140 Private Security Companies operating in the North Indian Ocean, which hire out Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel or PCASP,” said navy chief, Admiral DK Joshi, adding, “It has obvious security implications for us, including infiltration of terrorists.”

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South Korea to join India, China, Japan on anti-piracy escort

South Korea has indicated an interest in joining the Escort Convoy Coordination exercise run by the navies of India, China and Japan to protect merchant shipping in the Gulf of Aden against piracy. The original tri-nation coordination began last January and in the first two instances, the Chinese, and then the Indian navies provided their […]

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Navy thwarts pirate attack on two cargo ships

Attacks by Somali pirates on two cargo ships in the Gulf of Aden were thwarted by an Indian Navy warship last week, navy officers said here Monday.

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BEL signs up to supply 46 coastal radars

Indian defense Public Sector Unit, Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) signed a contract last week to supply 46 radars to enhance coastal security.

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Indian warships collar pirates

Indian Navy and Coast Guard vessels captured a pirate mother ship, complete with buccaneers and hostages, after a firefight around a 100 nautical miles off Kavaratti in Lakshadweep, in the early hours of Sunday.

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Captured pirates to be tried under Indian laws

For the first time, an Ethiopian and 14 Somalian pirates will face charges under Indian law for attempting to hijack a foreign ship and attacking an Indian naval warship near the Minicoy Isles, off the south-west coast of the country, a police official said Monday.

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Indian dhow hijacked off Oman

The dhow, al Musa, was on its way to the Persian Gulf and was crewed by fourteen Indian sailors. It is home-ported at Mandvi in Gujarat.

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Antony at ASEAN

The Indian Defence Minister Arackaparambil Kurian Antony on Tuesday called for the adoption of ‘cooperative approaches’ for ensuring the security of sea lanes in the Asia-Pacific Region, in his address to the first ASEAN Plus Eight Defence Ministers’ Meeting (ADMM) in Hanoi in Vietnam.

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INS Delhi chokes 3rd piracy attempt in 4 days

The latest attempt took place on Wednesday when the guided missile destroyer was tasked with escorting six merchant vessels with an assortment of 40 Indians among the 147 crew aboard the ships.

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Indian dhows, dubious partners invite Somali piracy

The serial commandeering of Indian dhows by pirates in the Arabian Sea around the Gulf of Aden recently, has put the focus on the vulnerability of these vessels to hijack, especially with their flagrant flouting of guidelines, which also facilitates the endangering of other innocent shipping.

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