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India, Afghanistan meet for UNGA

The foreign office consultation was significant not only as it comes a bit over a week before the UN General Assembly session but at a time when US Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter is on a visit to the region.

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Sujatha’s quiet trip to Afghanistan

Many in the Indian security establishment believe India’s concerns about the post-2014 situation in Afghanistan will soon force it to make some hard choices and New Delhi will need to do more to protect its interests.

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2nd IAF C-17 delivered

The IAF chief, ACM NAK Browne placed on record his ‘appreciation to the US government, the US Air Force and the Boeing team for the timely delivery of the aircraft that makes the IAF the world’s second-largest operator of the C-17 after the US’.

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1st IAF C-17 lands in India

The aircraft took off from the company’s manufacturing plant at Long Beach, California on June 11 and made several stops, including one at Barcelona, before it arrived in India.

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1st IAF C-17 in flight tests

This first aircraft is expected to be handed over to the IAF this summer and Boeing says it’s ‘on track to deliver four more C-17s to the IAF this year and five in 2014’.

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Defense industry bright spark: MKU

MKU came into DefExpo on a high. They’ve just completed deliveries of 59,000 light weight bullet proof jackets to the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) under a Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) order worth INR 100 Crore. And now they plan to make Night Vision Devices.

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Russia hands over Nerpa nuclear submarine to India

In line with the contract worth over $900 million, the Project 971 Shchuka-B (NATO: Akula II) class sub has been leased to India’s Navy for ten years. It will be renamed the INS Chakra. The ceremony took place in the Far Eastern Primorye Territory.

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Russia rejects US presence in Afghanistan after UN mandate expires

Russia will not agree to US military presence in Afghanistan after the expiry of a UN Security Council mandate, Russian envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said Friday.

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Pakistan has been an unreliable ally of US: Biden

Pakistan has been an unreliable ally of the US in the war against terror and failed “on occasion” when forced to choose between Washington and the Al Qaeda, says US Vice President Joe Biden.

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NATO woos India, says ties important

Stepping up its efforts to woo India as a partner nation in a post-Cold War world, NATO says its fledgling relations with New Delhi are “important” to ensure global safety and security.

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