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Charles Burke, Director of Business Development for Boeing’s Global Strike Rotorcraft said at the Dubai Air Show held last week, “Well, we’ve heard from the Indian government that the Apache’s the last man standing.”

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is looking for 22 attack helicopters through a tender, where Boeing’s Apache is up against the Russian Mi-28, and in the event the former is selected, some components of the aircraft will have to be purchased through an FMS.

The trials for an estimated USD 2 billion order for 22 attack and 15 heavy lift helicopters have been held up because the Russian contenders in the two shortlists have failed to arrive in India.

IAF sources confirmed that the aircraft, which is competing with the Russian Mi-28 for the IAF’s tender for 22 attack helicopters, has already completed trials in Jaisalmer and is currently undergoing high altitude flight and maneuverability demonstrations at Leh.

Boeing has bid to supply 22 attack and 15 heavy-lift helicopter to the IAF, offering the Apache and the Chinook.