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LCA Navy taking off from the Shore Based Test Facility (SBTF) at INS Hansa | Photo: DRDO

The Indian Navy is set to take a decision on the future of the naval LCA and will be considering alternatives for fighters to operate from what will be a CATOBAR Indigenous Aircraft Carrier-2 (IAC-2).
Source: Saab

Saab has offered its cutting-edge Gallium Nitride AESA radar technology if India decides to produce the Gripen fighter aircraft for the IAF.
The Gripen E unveiled at Linköping in Sweden last month | Photo: Saurabh Joshi/StratPost

Saab proposes to train Indian engineers in Sweden to build Indian Gripen aircraft while simultaneously building a greenfield facility for Make in India.
Video: Rafael Derby and Python at the Singapore Airshow 2016

Rafael’s Colonel Joseph Horowitz explains the capabilities of the Derby and Python systems at the Singapore Airshow 2016 and gives us updates on seeker technology and trials with India’s Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA).
French Armée de l'Air Dassault Rafale | Photo: StratPost

Our pseudonymous analyst Mark is back with his take on the story so far of the IAF’s quest for fighter aircraft. He last contributed a much talked-about two-part analysis of the MMRCA tender in April 2012.
LCA Navy prototype | Photo: HAL

With the IAF no longer interested in the development of the Mk2, the Indian Navy will undertake a process to determine if they should continue with the development of the model on their own.
Photo: HAL

The IAF has lowered the bar for HAL and ADA and given up on the prospect of an LCA Mk2 by agreeing to accept the existing LCA in large numbers but HAL still has to deliver the first aircraft from the earlier order.
Boeing's Chairman Jim McNerney in New Delhi with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday | Photo: PIB, Government of India

The post-MMRCA narrative unfolding since April is one in which the Modi government has quietly reached out to at least three foreign OEMs to invite interest in building fighter aircraft in India.
Former IAF chief Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne with the Commander of the Rafale Squadron (Squadron Leader) Kubiak Thierry, General Jean-Paul Paloméros, Chief of Staff of the French Air Force and Col Jean-Pierre Moontegu, Base Commander St. Dizier Airbase, after a one hour sortie in a Rafale during a visit to France in May 2012 | Photo: IAF

With force numbers declining and options like the LCA and the FGFA seem to be falling short, why did successive air chiefs advocate a there-is-no-alternative approach to a non-compliant MMRCA bid?

Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar: ‘A replacement (for the MiG-21) could be the LCA Tejas or another – I’ll not call it low end – but a single engine lighter aircraft. Tejas is a good aircraft but it has its limitations.’

Air Marshal M Matheshwaran analyzes exactly why the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft will never fully meet the ASR and cannot become the IAF ‘s frontline fighter in the Lo segment.

Air Marshal M Matheswaran (retired) goes back in history to examine the reasons why the Light Combat Aircraft project has failed to meet expectations.

After spending USD 30 billion on the FGFA and USD 20 billion on the MMRCA, the Indian Air Force will be left with a serious shortfall of at least 14 squadrons in 2032, going by the ‘best-case scenario’.
Saab offers #MakeinIndia plan for the Gripen (+ Video)

Saab’s Lars-Olof Lindgren says his company has been quietly working on a plan to build the Gripen in India and has already done a lot of the homework for it.
Video: Vayu-StratPost Air Power Roundtable VI

The final session of the roundtable summarized the state of Indian air power and discussed ways to alleviate the difficult situation the air force could find itself in future.
Video: Vayu-StratPost Air Power Roundtable V

The roundtable moved on to discuss the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) program, the DRDO development of a new fighter to be produced by HAL, and raised serious concerns on the impact of it’s possible failure.
Video: Vayu-StratPost Air Power Roundtable IV

The discussion moved to the IAF’s tender for acquisition of 126 Medium Multi Role Combat aircraft with the question being: How does MMRCA fit future air power needs, costs, squadron strength?
Video: Vayu-StratPost Air Power Roundtable III

In the next round, the roundtable discussed the balance of air power in India’s neighborhood and the challenges posed by the air forces of Pakistan and China.
Video: Vayu-StratPost Air Power Roundtable II

In the second session, moderator Inderjit Badhwar initiated the discussion deconstructing the evolution and process of the Indian Air Force (IAF) competition for 126 Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA).
Video: Vayu-StratPost Air Power Roundtable I

Pushpinder Singh, Editor of Vayu, introduces the state of Indian air power in comparison to neighboring countries and presents some stark realities in an authoritative presentation, which is essential viewing.