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Video: Martin Jetpack at #PAS15

Martin Jetpack is preparing to bring its line of jetpack aircraft to production and plans to offer it in India, as well. CEO and MD Peter Coker takes us around the concept at the Paris Air Show 2015.

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Light Combat Aircraft: Need for course correction II

Air Marshal M Matheshwaran analyzes exactly why the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft will never fully meet the ASR and cannot become the IAF ‘s frontline fighter in the Lo segment.

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Light Combat Aircraft: Need for course correction I

Air Marshal M Matheswaran (retired) goes back in history to examine the reasons why the Light Combat Aircraft project has failed to meet expectations.

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India, US to hold defense panel meet

The Indo-US Defense Policy Group meet to be held in Washington DC this week comes shortly after a perceived snub to the US offer to co-produce Javelin ATGMs with the Indian order for Israeli Spike ATGMs.

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Video: Saab’s Bamse Ashok Leyland-mounted SRSAM at DefExpo

Saab’s Anders Göransson talks about the tie-up with Ashok Leyland to offer India the Bamse Short Range Surface to Air Missile (SRSAM).

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Video: Nexter, Ashok Leyland offer the Caesar truck artillery at DefExpo

Check out the Ceasar artillery system mounted on an Ashok Leyland platform as Evelyne Montet shows it off at DefExpo.

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Video: General Atomics debuts at DefExpo

General Atomics was present at DefExpo for the first time. But it wasn’t about the Predator or Reaper drones. Hint: It’s to do with aircraft carriers.

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Antony: Blacklisting by association

The Indian defense ministry could now be blacklisting companies because of their association with other companies that have been debarred from doing business due to allegations of malpractice.

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Abe lifts India-Japan ties to new highs

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has moved swiftly to convince New Delhi into an entente which is obviously directed at the containment of China.

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US-2i amphibious aircraft acquisition process underway

The India-Japan Joint Working Group (JWG) have held preliminary meetings to initiate the process for acquisition of the ShinMaywa US-2i amphibious aircraft for the Indian Navy.

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