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The Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement has asked PM Narendra Modi to implement One Rank One Pension, withdraw pension and benefit cases against veterans and set up a Military Veteran’s Commission.

“The government has granted in principle approval for the MHA’s (Ministry of Home Affairs) proposal to set up (the National Counter-Terrorism Center),” Chidambaram told reporters in New Delhi.

Asked if he would indeed resign, Singh retorted: “Please leave it to my judgement on what I want to do. It concerns me and I may decide on my action after thinking over it whenever I get the time.” Soon, another question popped up: Is this your last Army Day press conference as army chief? General Singh’s enigmatic reply: “I don’t know.”

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Tuesday warned that nuclear security and proliferation in India’s neighborhood remained “a serious threat” and called for the country’s policy-makers to factor in the deterioration in the international strategic and political environment while drawing up India’s future policies.

The prime minister will interact with the military top brass during the annual Combined Commanders Conference, which will also see an exchange of views on security and strategic affairs, keeping in view the scenario prevailing in the South Asian and Indian Ocean regions.

National Security Adviser (NSA) Shivshankar Menon had capitulated to Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram on intelligence issues soon after taking over his post, a diplomatic cable leaked by whistleblower site WikiLeaks says.

The outlawed United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) Saturday said unconditional peace talks with the central government will begin Feb 10, in a move that may bring the curtains down on more than three decades of insurgency in Assam.

Even though the international media came out in sympathy for India, there were growing rumbles that this could have been prevented, that India has shot itself in the foot by not dealing with terrorism effectively and not having enough security measure in place to have even halfway decent actionable intelligence. And with politicians becoming Home Ministers simply because they are the least unacceptable to coalition partners in the government, merit has clearly gone and taken two running jumps into the coldest, deepest and muddiest parts of the Arabian Sea.