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An M777 operating in Afghanistan | Photo: BAE Systems

BAE Systems and the U.S. government will deliver 25 M777 Ultra Light Howitzers off the shelf, while a further 120 will be assembled in India with Indian partner Mahindra.
Video: BAE Systems M777 artillery at #DefExpo2016

Alistair Castle of BAE Systems gives us an update on progress on the plans for the domestic manufacture of the M777 ultralight howitzer for the Indian Army.

The delayed approval for the acquisition of the M-777 ULH means that India will have to bear a much higher price because of the weaker rupee.

BAE Systems has figured out a way to convert unguided 70 mm rockets into guided weapons, typically onboard attack helicopters, with a component that has a tongue-twisting acronym.

The team is in the US to discuss the Defense Trade and Technology Initiative (DTTI) and terms for the new Defense Framework Agreement in a trip timed just before the Modi visit.

If the charges against Rolls-Royce are proved correct, there could be serious consequences for the Indian Air Force and navy. Here’s the how and why.
Video: M-777 light artillery at DefExpo

Take a good look, up close, at the BAE Systems M-777 lightweight artillery that the Indian Army is planning to acquire.
Video: BAE Systems hi-tech helmets for pilots and infantry at DefExpo

This will remind you of Google Glass. Check out the Q-Warrior Helmet Mounted Display which allows infantry to share and view tactical data over a network and the Striker Helmet fast jet helmet.

The 37 percent escalation by a margin of roughly INR 1,200 crore for the US government offer to India for 145 M-777 light weight howitzers comes into effect on Tuesday, along with the imminent closure of the assembly line for the artillery.

India has ordered a total of 123 aircraft, with the navy order for 17 aircraft being part of the contract for 57 aircraft concluded in 2010. 40 of the aircraft will be delivered to the IAF.

Carter is looking at the Indian defense ministry to make it easier for US companies to do business with it and wants resolution of issues related to offsets, limitation of liability and delays in decision-making.

The Indian defense ministry has till October to take the US government offer for the purchase of 145 light weight howitzers at the price of USD 694 million, after which the increased price of USD 885 million will come into play.

In purely dollar terms, the new price represents a 37 percent hike in the cost of the offer to India, but would effectively be even higher given the fall in the value of the rupee against the dollar since 2010.

Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne will take delivery of the second Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, scheduled to be delivered to the IAF on 22 Jul 2013 in a ceremony at Boeing’s Long Beach final assembly facility.

Reactions from industry pointed out that the general rule remained the same, with investment restricted to 26 percent, subject to approval by the Foreign Investment Promotion Board.

These aircraft are part of a batch of 57 Hawks ordered jointly by the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force (IAF) for around 700 million pounds, the first 17 of which will go to the navy.

Alvin Fernandes walks us through the BAE Systems Hawk Desktop Trainer at Aero India 2013.

Check out the Helmet Mounted Displays developed by BAE Systems that were showcased at Aero India 2013.

Joe Davies talks to StratPost about different concept for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles being developed by BAE Systems, like Mantis, at Aero India 2013.

BAE Systems is to sell its stake in Defence Land Systems India (DLSI) to Mahindra Defence Systems less than three weeks after the two issued a statement announcing a strategic review of their joint venture.