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IAF’s vintage aircraft at Aero India 2009

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is displaying two of it’s old aircraft at Aero India 2009 to allow aviation enthusiasts to savor the IAF’s past, even in the din of the modern-day supersonic fighter jets jetting past. The De Havilland DH82 Tigermoth and Harvard aircraft are on static display at the show.

Tail break in flight grounds Russian MiG-29s

A Russian business daily reported last week the grounding of the Russian Air Force’s MiG-29 fleet, when recently, a tail broke away during a training exercise. The Vice President of Russian Aircraft Corporation (RAC) confirmed on Wednesday, the grounding of the aircraft, saying an inquiry was underway.

Iran not to allow NATO supplies to Afghanistan

NATO Commander General John Craddock had earlier indicated Iran to have been an option for NATO members to supply their troops and Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer had also called for engagement with Iran in the context of NATO’s deployment in Afghanistan.

‘Cut down red tape’: Antony

The Defense Minister’s repeated statements on cutting down unnecessary delays in arms procurement seems to be a reflection of a new purpose towards arms procurement by India. Air Chief Marshal Fali Homi Major has echoed that sense of purpose, expecting the Indian Air Force to be able to spend all monies budgeted for procurement this year.

Aero India 2009: Bigger than ever

The 25 participating countries include UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands and Ukraine. China will be participating at this year’s Air Show for the first time.

Macedonia sets up mission in India

The Macedonian Foreign Minister, Antonio Milososki talks about his country’s interests in the region, mutual interest with India in containing terrorism and enhancing trade with India, on the occasion of the inauguration of his country’s embassy in New Delhi.

Indo-Russian naval drills this month

The exercise INDRA-2009 includes the largest non-carrier warship, the Kirov class nuclear battle cruiser Peter the Great. The warship recently participated in Russo-Venezuelan joint naval exercises in the Caribbean. It also has a controversial technical maintenance history with the Russian navy chief in 2004 having said the warship could ‘explode any moment’.

Indians warned against travel to Pakistan

There have been reports in the Pakistani media that several Indian nationals have been arrested over the last two days in Lahore and Multan, and are being accused of being terrorists. Since it has also been reported in the Pakistani media yesterday that the senior police officer in Lahore was unaware of the arrest in his city, it seems that this is the work of other agencies in Pakistan that operate outside the law and civilian control. Indian citizens are therefore advised that it would be unsafe for them to travel or be in Pakistan: Ministry of External Affairs

The story of a glacial trust deficit

The issue that dominates the peace process pursued by the Indian and Pakistani governments on Kashmir since 2004 is about the control of the Siachen Glacier in the region, the world’s highest battlefield. Although a ceasefire has been in place since 2003, thousands of troops on both sides continue to eyeball each other across the extreme terrain.

Speculation on Pak to give up Dawood to the UK

With tensions between India and Pakistan showing no signs of receding sources say there is increasing speculation that Pakistan and the UK may be considering the idea of extraditing certain individuals to the UK to satisfy India’s immediate concerns.

Maritime Security at Sea with too many Captains

There are more than fifteen good reasons for the confusion that has been India’s maritime security structure. In addition to the Navy and the Coast Guard, that is the number of departments that have a role to play in maritime security and virtually no two agencies, except for the Navy and Coast Guard actually actively coordinate with each other.