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LCA Navy taking off from the Shore Based Test Facility (SBTF) at INS Hansa | Photo: DRDO

The Indian Navy is set to take a decision on the future of the naval LCA and will be considering alternatives for fighters to operate from what will be a CATOBAR Indigenous Aircraft Carrier-2 (IAC-2).
An M777 operating in Afghanistan | Photo: BAE Systems

BAE Systems and the U.S. government will deliver 25 M777 Ultra Light Howitzers off the shelf, while a further 120 will be assembled in India with Indian partner Mahindra.
A Sukhoi-30MKI conducting the carriage test flight of the BrahMos cruise missile | Photo: HAL

The 45-minute flight was conducted on a modified Sukhoi-30MKI. HAL plans to convert around 40 aircraft to carry the BrahMos cruise missile.
Source: Saab

Saab has offered its cutting-edge Gallium Nitride AESA radar technology if India decides to produce the Gripen fighter aircraft for the IAF.
The Gripen E unveiled at Linköping in Sweden last month | Photo: Saurabh Joshi/StratPost

Saab proposes to train Indian engineers in Sweden to build Indian Gripen aircraft while simultaneously building a greenfield facility for Make in India.
Wing Commander (Flying) Michael Lundquist with Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha before the flight | Photo: Captain John Lidman, Såtenäs, F7

He is on a five-day tour of Sweden as part of discussions on cooperation in aerospace and defence between the two countries.
Incoming CO of INAS 300 Captain KHV Singh with outgoing CO, Commander Shikku Raj | Photo: StratPost

With the retirement of the Sea Harriers, the Indian Navy will no longer operate VTOL fighter aircraft and INAS 300 will convert to MiG-29K/KUB aircraft.
Apache AH-64E

Tata and Boeing will start work on a manufacturing facility for the Apache AH-64E gunship fuselage of which 22 have been ordered by the Indian Air Force.
Video: MKU at #DefExpo2016

It’s one of India’s most successful defense companies and India’s largest defense exporter. But you’ve probably never heard of it. Let Rajesh Gupta of MKU fix that.
Video: Airbus Helicopters at #DefExpo2016

Xavier Hay of Airbus Helicopters talks to us about his company’s plans to manufacture helicopters in India at DefExpo 2016.
Video: BAE Systems M777 artillery at #DefExpo2016

Alistair Castle of BAE Systems gives us an update on progress on the plans for the domestic manufacture of the M777 ultralight howitzer for the Indian Army.
Video: India’s Dhanush artillery at #DefExpo2016

Rajeev Sharma, Director at the Ordnance Development Centre at the Gun Carriage Factory in Jabalpur, takes us around the Dhanush 155 mm 45 Cal Field Howitzer and also introduces the new 52 Cal prototype.
Video: Kalyani Group Bharat Forge at #DefExpo2016

Rajinder Bhatia of Kalyani Group Bharat Force talks to us about his company’s offerings and prospects at DefExpo 2016.
Video: Thales-BEL PHAROS Fire Control Radar at #DefExpo2016

BEL’s P.C. Jain tell us about his company’s joint venture with Thales and the joint development project of the PHAROS Fire Control Radar at DefExpo 2016.
Photo: Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is offering to transfer its F-16 assembly line to India with officials proposing the idea to the Indian government in April.
Sample decoy documents from left to right – Indian Ministry of Defense Defense R&D Organizations, Punjab Terror Attack, and Peace talk negotiations between Afghan Government and Taliban | Source: FireEye

The threat actor also capitalized quickly on an attack at Indian Air Force base at Pathankot in early 2016 as a theme for lure documents.
The Vice Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal B.S. Dhanoa addressing the curtain raiser press conference on Fire Power Demonstration (FPD) Ex-Iron Fist – 2016, in New Delhi on March 10, 2016.

This appears to be the first time anyone in the IAF has confessed an inability to defend Indian airspace from both, the Pakistan Air Force and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force, at the same time.
Video: US Navy Boeing P-8 Poseidon at Singapore Airshow 2016

Check out the US Navy Boeing P-8A Poseidon as Stephen Tripp explains the capabilities of the Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance (LRMR) aircraft at the Singapore Airshow 2016.
Video: Bell Boeing MV-22 Osprey Tilt-Rotor at Singapore Airshow 2016

Boeing’s director of global sales and marketing for the V-22 Osprey Tilt-Rotor aircraft, Rick Lemaster takes us around a US Marine Corps MV-22 at the Singapore Airshow 2016.
Video: Saab Swordfish MPA at the Singapore Airshow 2016

Saab’s Gary Shand introduces the dual-platform Swordfish Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) concept at the Singapore Airshow 2016.