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Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar and Singapore Defense Minister Dr. Ng Eng Hen at the joint statement on the occasion of the Shangri La Dialogue 2016 | Photo: Saurabh Joshi/StratPost

Here’s why the first India-Singapore defense industry joint working group held last May didn’t include Singapore’s biggest defense company.
Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar at the Shangri la Dialogue 2016 | Photo: Saurabh Joshi/StratPost

The presence of the Indian defense minister at the Shangri La Dialogue made an impression, at a time when the South China Sea was on everyone’s minds.
Minister of State for Defence, Rao Inderjit Singh | Photo: PIB

Natural wastage is not how most people would describe the passing of Second World War pensioners and their families. But tell that to a babu.
Denel exhibit at DefExpo 2016. Denel Asia, it says. | Photo: StratPost

Facing a row because of ties to the South African Gupta family, Denel resurfaced in India as an exhibitor at DefExpo 2016 after years of blacklisting.
Cover of the Atlantic Monthly

‘Within the White House, Obama would argue that “dropping bombs on someone to prove that you’re willing to drop bombs on someone is just about the worst reason to use force.”’
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When Parliament was told that there is no ‘bhaiya‘ system in the army, DefExpo is indeed happening in Goa and there’s no plan to put barcodes on uniforms.
Afghan Air Force Mi-17V5 | Photo: Russian Helicopters

Why isn’t Afghanistan getting the Mi-25 attack helicopters from Russia, which is the original manufacturer? Answer: Ukraine, Syria, sanctions, defense lobby
Former IAF chief Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne with the Commander of the Rafale Squadron (Squadron Leader) Kubiak Thierry, General Jean-Paul Paloméros, Chief of Staff of the French Air Force and Col Jean-Pierre Moontegu, Base Commander St. Dizier Airbase, after a one hour sortie in a Rafale during a visit to France in May 2012 | Photo: IAF

With force numbers declining and options like the LCA and the FGFA seem to be falling short, why did successive air chiefs advocate a there-is-no-alternative approach to a non-compliant MMRCA bid?

This piece contains long sentences & might offend those without a sense of humor, Colonel Blimps on TV news, children, patent applicants and other cartoons. Reader discretion is advised.

Senior officers of the armed forces now need to check their public behavior to avoid being featured as the latest subject of gossip on social media among their own officers.

Journalist Man Aman Chhina has posted a blog about the participation of 61 Cavalry officers in a polo match with Pakistan at a time of tensions on the border.

The Indian defense ministry could now be blacklisting companies because of their association with other companies that have been debarred from doing business due to allegations of malpractice.

A rough guide to India’s biennial land and maritime defense exhibition, DefExpo 2014. You’re welcome.

The middle-eastern airline has launched a three-day discount sale on tickets for trips to over 100 destinations for the next six months, starting midnight of September 04, 2012, local time, everywhere.

India, which imports nearly 80 percent of its crude consumption, is in the process of creating its own strategic petroleum reserve to cater to potential supply disruptions. But this reserve will require good judgment of India’s leadership for its proper administration and must not become a tool for populism during election year, argues Rajeev Lala.

This is only terribly exciting because a government has been caught doing something that tons of script-kiddies have been doing for more than fifteen years. What’s far more exciting is the virus that refuses to go away in America’s drones.

These devices that are being passed off as phones aren’t phones at all. A phone used to be a mix of a speaker, a microphone, a dialer, and an antenna or wire to connect to a network. That’s it. Today’s handheld devices are computers, and very powerful ones at that.

The world changed forever in 2010 and the jet age is firmly behind us. As we explore this brave new world, we will, in the interests of informing each other, reach into bits of the Internet that are perhaps best left alone. This is old-fashioned reporting combined with internet-age opinion, with a few glances thrown at a crystal ball, now and then.

The Indian Navy’s first P-8I Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft is on the flightline at Renton and is expected to make its first flight later this month, on or about the 29th.
Blog: Another strange arms marketing promo

This is how the French shipyard Chantier Naval Couach marketed its Fast Interceptor Craft to the Indian Navy. The navy ordered 15 of the vessels and the first three were inducted last month.