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Defense industry bright spark: MKU

MKU came into DefExpo on a high. They’ve just completed deliveries of 59,000 light weight bullet proof jackets to the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) under a Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) order worth INR 100 Crore. And now they plan to make Night Vision Devices.

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Reva builder to make Tomcar offroader

Two-seater or four-seater, petrol or diesel, the vehicle’s most important USP is that the US Customs and Border Patrol, Israeli Defense Forces and the British Army in Afghanistan operate it. It’s para-droppable and has hardpoints for machine guns and launchers for grenades or ATGMs.

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DRASH tent pitched to army

The frames are made of an extremely light-weight and strong composite weaved fiber. The fabric, too, is patented material and the shelter can be sealed, air-conditioned and is capable of maintaining a positive air pressure in an NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) environment.

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Russia confident of Igla in VSHORAD contest

Heat seeking, Russian officials say the launcher can fire two missiles simultaneously, which is uncommon, as otherwise the missiles would end up targeting each other.

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