Monthly Archives: April 2012

Defense industry bright spark: MKU

MKU came into DefExpo on a high. They’ve just completed deliveries of 59,000 light weight bullet proof jackets to the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) under a Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) order worth INR 100 Crore. And now they plan to make Night Vision Devices.

Reva builder to make Tomcar offroader

Two-seater or four-seater, petrol or diesel, the vehicle’s most important USP is that the US Customs and Border Patrol, Israeli Defense Forces and the British Army in Afghanistan operate it. It’s para-droppable and has hardpoints for machine guns and launchers for grenades or ATGMs.

DRASH tent pitched to army

The frames are made of an extremely light-weight and strong composite weaved fiber. The fabric, too, is patented material and the shelter can be sealed, air-conditioned and is capable of maintaining a positive air pressure in an NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) environment.