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INS Godavari combats pirates

Video footage of the INS Godavari combating pirates in the Gulf of Aden.

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Does finishing the job mean staying the course?

Does President Barack Obama’s ‘finishing the job’ mean the same thing as staying the course in Afghanistan, as urged by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh?

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IAF Sukhoi crashes over Pokhran

The Indian Air Force has reported the crash of a Sukhoi 30 MKI aircraft south-west of Pokhran on Monday evening.

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British QE class carrier for India? Not Really

The Indian Navy doesn’t think the British Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier would fit into its strategic plans.

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Navy releases MiG-29 Sqn crest

The Indian Navy has released the crest of the its squadron of MiG-29 aircraft.

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Israel Aerospace Industries declares 3rd Qtr results

Company sales for the third quarter of 2009 reached $678 million, compared to $877 million for the third quarter of 2008, a 23 percent decrease.

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Coastal security: Navy’s report card

The Indian Navy says it has increased surveillance patrols, joint coastal security exercises and operations and training of personnel.

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Seychelles: Unfairly accused of helping pirates

StratPost has discovered the country to be unfairly facing charges of abetting piracy.

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Camouflage systems for Indian Army

Saab’s Barracuda Camouflage has pitched its systems for both vehicles as well as soldiers.

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US OK with systems for Gripen?

The US has agreed to the fitting of Royal Thai Air Force Gripen aircraft with its weapons systems.

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