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Saab offers naval Gripen to India

The company is pitching a little-known naval variant of its Gripen NG fighter, called the Sea Gripen, which is intended to be capable of both CATOBAR as well as STOBAR carrier operations.

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India allows tainted weapon systems’ trials

The Ministry of Defense has allowed user trials of five weapons systems that were held up due to allegations of corruption against two of the vendors involved in the trials, ST Kinetics and Israel Military Industries.

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Navy worried about submarine force depletion

The Indian Navy’s submarine strength is projected to fall by 30 per cent in 2015 and 50 per cent in 2020, at the current pace of the acquisition process.

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India-Nepal to sign new defense pact

India and Nepal are set to agree on a defense agreement known as the Indo-Nepal Defense Cooperation Framework.

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Top Israeli defense official in India

The Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Brigadier General Pinchas Buchris is to arrive in India on Monday to hold meetings on Tuesday with officials from the Indian Ministry of Defense and security establishment.

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Top experts warn India’s H-bomb a dud

Top Indian defense and nuclear scientists have issued warnings of serious deficiencies in India’s thermonuclear weapons capability.

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US-India ties boost Boeing’s prospects

Vivek Lall, head of Boeing’s defense unit in India, talks about how growing US-India relations have helped Boeing’s prospects, in a wide-ranging conversation.

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Navy’s statement on Lanka vessel sinking

The Indian Navy says the Sri Lankan fishing vessel Win Marine refused to follow advice to head north and caught fire before sinking.

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Update: Sri Lankan vessel goes down

The Sri Lankan fishing vessel Win Marine sank in the Bay of Bengal on Friday around midnight with three crew members.

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Indian Navy waiting to arrest poaching Lankan fishermen

Bad weather has prevented the navy from arresting the Sri Lankan fishing vessel that took two Indian Coast Guard sailors captive, releasing them Friday.

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