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Army to investigate cadet beating video, hold enquiry

“It is clarified that any form of corporal punishment or ragging is unacceptable in any Army training institution and we have a zero tolerance policy towards such behaviour,” said Major General Shokin Chauhan.

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Video: Military cadet gets beating

Is corporal punishment an acceptable way to discipline juniors in the military? Watch this video and tell us what you think.

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Saab offers #MakeinIndia plan for the Gripen (+ Video)

Saab’s Lars-Olof Lindgren says his company has been quietly working on a plan to build the Gripen in India and has already done a lot of the homework for it.

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RAF Eurofighters, Airbus A-330 tanker to stop by in Delhi

RAF Eurofighter Typhoons and Airbus A-330 MRTT refueling and transport aircraft will be in the capital on their way to Malaysia.

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Indian defense ministry team in US

The team is in the US to discuss the Defense Trade and Technology Initiative (DTTI) and terms for the new Defense Framework Agreement in a trip timed just before the Modi visit.

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Vivek Lall quits Reliance for General Atomics

While General Atomics’ Predator and Reaper drones are not licensed for export to India, Lall will be promoting a line-up of commercial products, besides the EMALS system being developed by the company.

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For Gallantry

The armed forces personnel to be awarded for gallantry this Independence Day include Major Mukund Varadarajan, who is being awarded the Ashok Chakra, posthumously.

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Video: Vayu-StratPost Air Power Roundtable VI

The final session of the roundtable summarized the state of Indian air power and discussed ways to alleviate the difficult situation the air force could find itself in future.

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